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DIY dog agility jumps

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Building your own dog agility bar jumps can be fun and inexpensive. The Dog Agility Shop® has everything you need to get started. For this design, we used 3/4" PVC pipe.

Materials needed

- 4 lengths of pipe at 36"

-4 lengths of pipe at 12"

-2 jump cups

-2 four way tees

Optional items

-Colored vinyl or duct tape

-End plugs

Where to buy supplies

PVC can be purchased at almost any home improvement center at a very reasonable cost. Generally speaking, it comes in 10' lengths that can easily be cut with a hack saw or pvc cutter to desired length.

The Hard to find parts

Some components that you will need to build this design can not be found locally and need to be ordered from a specialty shop. Jump cups, fittings and end plugs can be found at For this design, we used 3/4" furniture grade pvc, 3/4" jump cups and 3/4" four way fittings.

Step 1

Begin by making the feet. Insert two of the 12" pieces into each of the four way fittings so that they are directly in line with each other as shown below and tap into place. This can be accomplished with a rubber mallet or wood block.

Step 2

Next insert a 36" length of pipe into each of the feet as shown to complete the lower support and tap into place.

Step 3

In the remaining two sockets, add the 36" uprights. If you want to make your jump more portable, do not hammer the uprights in. They will stay pretty snug installing just by hand. If the uprights are placed too far into the fittings, they will be very difficult to remove.

Step 4

Add your snap on jump cups to the upright poles and lay the remaining 36" pipe across to form the adjustable jump bar. The jump cups can be moved to any desired height if the bar is too low or high to begin with.

Final step

Add some flair! Go the extra mile and decorate your jump with vinyl tape or colored duct tape. Also, consider adding plugs to the ends of the open pipes. Plugs are cheap and they not only make for a clean finished look, they keep mud and dirt out of the inside of your jump.

The Dog Agility Shop® is a great resource of both information and parts to build agility equipment. Not ready yet to tackle your own agility project? No problem! They sell complete starter dog agility sets as well as jumps, weave poles and more. They can also custom cut furniture grade, UV resistant PVC pipe for your projects. Check out The Dog Agility Shop® Facebook page at and give it a LIKE to keep up to date on coupons, flash sales and weekly giveaways! Enjoy!

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