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One of the biggest questions that we get from folks that are new to agility training is "What equipment do I need to get started with dog agility?" In this post, we are going to cover three basic items that will get you off and running in no time!

The first obstacle for dog agility that is on our list of must haves is the single bar jump as seen below.

A dog uses this obstacle to jump over from a proper distance, from any angle without displacing the crossbar. The crossbar is made from PVC and is held very lightly in place with adjustable PVC jump cups.

The jump cups snap on to the upright bar and can be slid down or up depending on the dogs skill level.

Proper jump cups should be used so that the bar displaces if hit which reduces risk of injury.

Under no circumstance should a metal jump cup be used.

The dog agility single bar jump is one of the easier obstacles to master.

The Second obstacle on our list of must haves for backyard dog agility training is the hoop jump.

The dog agility hoop jump, or in this case "Octagon Hoop Jump", is very similar to the bar jump in that a dog jumps from a proper distance however this time it is through a hoop.

There are all types of hoop jumps on the market from very cheap to very expensive professional models.

For backyard agility training, the octagon hoop works very well and is FULLY adjustable for all skill levels! It also assembles easily with no tools required so it can be brought to the park or another location.

Typical size of the hoop opening is 29" which works for most size dogs.

The last item on our must have list for home agility training is the weave poles.

Sometimes one of the hardest to master, the weave poles are an obstacle where a dog enters the circuit with the first pole to the left shoulder.

The dog must weave through every pole without missing any before exiting the end of the circuit. Time is critical!

Typically the weave poles are striped with tape or paint and can be attached to a metal base or pushed into the soil like the set seen to the left.

When beginning, a set of weave pole guide wires which snap on to the poles can be used and then removed once the dog masters the weaves.

Weave pole guide wires create a channel for the dog to walk through from pole to pole and can be easily removed.

As always, The Dog Agility Shop® is your one stop shop for everything "backyard agility". From DIY agility jumps to weave pole guide wires and other dog agility equipment supplies. Visit us today at

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