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The Dog Agility Shop® announces first ever Facebook page Dog of the Year inductee 2020.

2020 has been a year of firsts for many things. Here at The Dog Agility Shop, we decided this year to do something a little different and begin a tradition of nominating just one dog who has really stood out during the year. We take into consideration post likes and shares, photos submitted, photo shares, comments, page shares and alike. We do NOT judge based on any type of purchase and there are no prizes.. This is strictly a fun thing that we hope to continue each year.

This year's inductee is a Border Collie named Gypsy who was rescued in 2015.

About a year after Gypsy's owners lost their beloved Chihuahua named Chaos, they knew that they wanted another dog and were particularly interested in a Border Collie or Aussie breed. A rescue or adoption was top on their list.

In 2015 after much searching, they found Gypsy who was in a litter of 6!

As a photographer, Gypsy's owner Cheryl and her husband can't get enough of this adorable little girl and all of her daily adventures! "She brings us smiles everyday. She loves to be loved"" says Cheryl.

Watching Gypsy grow and watching her personality develop has been a joyous journey for Gypsy's owners. She loves to do tricks and loves attention. One thing for sure, Gypsy is not camera shy!

For fun, Gypsy likes to play frisbee and football.

When it comes to agility, she is a pro and loves her bar jump best!

Gypsy is a registered ESA pup and loves going out and giving everyone love. In addition, she is CEO of her own little business named Gypsy's Woof Pack.

Together with her owners, Gypsy makes bandanas, tees and hats where a portion of the sale is donated to rescues and shelters.

This year, The Dog Agility Shop is pleased to nominate Gypsy as our Facebook page, 2020 Dog of the Year!

-The Dog Agility Shop®

*No purchase is ever necessary with any of our giveaways or promotions. This announcement is for fun and no decision was made in any way, shape or form based on anything more than the personal opinion of The Dog Agility Shop®. No prizes of any sort were awarded.

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