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This package is made up of a total of 5 obstacles! The price includes a total of 4 single bar jumps and 1 octagon hoop jump. Easy to assemble with no special tools. Each obstacle comes packaged separate and are color coded with easy to assemble instructions.

Obstacle #1 

The Octagon Hoop Jump is a classic and one of the hottest selling item in our lineup. Designed for very easy and minimal assembly, we guarantee you won't have to jump through hoops but your dog will in no time flat!

The hoop diameter is 29" which is great for almost any size dog small or large. In addition, the hoop adjusts up or down from 4"-30". Pictured are both the low setting and high setting. The beauty of this practice jump is that it's lightweight and portable yet very sturdy. It easily can be dis assembled for storage or park use. This jump can be used indoors or out. Made from the highest quality furniture grade PVC and UV resistant.



Our single bar jumps come pre striped in our classic red and blue and are made of pure white, furniture grade PVC pipe. Each jump comes with an adjustable bar and two jump cups. The bar height is easily adjustable from 4"-30". Each jump is roughly 37" wide and good for almost any dog small or large. The jump bar is designed to displace if the dog hits it.

1 Octagon Hoop Jump plus 4 Single Bar Jump Package

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