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Our Agility Finish™ is designed to be sprinkled on top of wet latex paint to provide traction to dog agility contact equipment. Most additives are designed to be added to the paint directly which we believe offers an uneven finish. It also ruins the entire gallon of paint!


Unlike "Play Sand", our finish is a uniform, ultra fine substrate. It absorbs the paint and becomes one with the paint rather than being 'encapsulated' in the paint.


The ultra fine nature of our substrate provides great traction while being easy on the paws! Regular play sand can have stones and other hard chunks in the mix. Stones do not aborb paint and thus, the finish will become loose and flake in no time.


Great for teeter boards, A frames, contact trainers, wobble boards and more!


How many do I need?

Teeter plank (12' x 12") 2- 12oz bags

Wobble board (36" or smaller) 1- 12oz bag

Full size competition A frame 4- 12oz bags

Competition dog walk 2- 12oz bags



The video link below will give you step by step instructions before you buy our product to see if it is right for you!


Product video here:


More here on our TikTok channel!

Agility Finish­­™ latex paint slip resistant substrate

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