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Our deluxe weave pole D.I.Y. kit is designed for the agility lover who likes to save a few dollars and make their own weave poles! 

Included in our deluxe kit is a dozen end stakes (bases), a dozen end plugs (to keep dirt out) and a weave pole placer in either yellow, blue or red.

The kit is designed for use with any 3/4" PVC pipe. The pipe should be labeled 3/4" from the factory or have an inner diameter of 3/4" (1.050" outer). PVC is always measured by inside diameter and matched to that size fitting.

Each stake is roughly 6" long (overall length) and is designed for outdoor use only. Stakes can be attached to your PVC by simply tapping on with a hammer or block of wood. Once on, they are permanent!

Deluxe Weave Pole D.I.Y. kit for 12 weave poles

Spacer color choice
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