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Our 'Stick in the Ground" style single bar jump (or hurdle) is perfect for anyone looking to start out in agility. The beauty of these jumps are that they can be assembled, dis-assembled and moved so easily!  Take them to the park. Do back yard training. The possibilities are endless. In addition, we have made these so that they are a 'Double Duty' obstacle. Remove the bar and jump cups and use the uprights as 2 x 2 weave poles. Buy 3 jumps and you can convert into a 6 weave pole circuit. The possibilites are endless.


Sold single or in multiples from the drop down menu.


Features include:

✔️ Easy assembly. Each jump contains just 3 pieces plus 2 snap on jump cups

✔️Jump bar is fully adjustable starting from just an inch off the ground up to 30 inches high!

✔️Designed to be used anywhere there is grass or solid soil (will not work well in beach sand)

✔️Included are a set of 2 snap on, fully adjustable and removable jump cups per jump

✔️Made in the U.S.A. from Superior grade UV resistant PVC pipe (not plumbers grade) 

✔️Each jump has a 6" zinc coated, threaded steel stake end as shown. The entire jump and spike can easily be washed after use.


Dog Agility Bar/Hurdle Jumps (stick in style)

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