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The Dog Agility Deluxe starter bundle is THE item you want in your backyard for home agility training! Made from furniture grade, UV resistant PVC pipe. Not plumbers pipe!



  • 3 of the most widely used obstacles in dog agility training
  • The set contains a set of 6 heavy duty weave poles (with heavy duty pole spacer to accurately space poles 24" apart each and every time).
  • 1 Octagon Hoop Jump that is full adjustable from the ground up to a maximum height of roughly 32". The opening is 29" in diameter making it an ideal practice jump for just about any breed small or large.
  • 3 Single Bar Jumps with jump bar and a set of jump cups included for each jump. The single bar jump is also fully adjustable from a height of about 3" up to roughly 30"


Each obstacle comes shipped with very minimal assembly required. No special tools required to assemble and each obstacle come pre striped in our classic red and blue! In just minutes, you will be off to some back yard training with your pup! The package also easily dis assembles for storage or travel.

Dog Agility Deluxe Five Obstacle Set

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