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The dog cavaletti is an incredible canine conditioning tool. These are great for rehab from injuries or surgeries and also for dogs with neurologic and orthopedic conditions. Also great for keeping the body in functional condition for athletes and working dogs.


There is minimal assembly required. All you will need is a phillips head screwdriver! (see video). Each cavaletti is made from wood and painted with exterior paint. Measurement from the ground are adjustable at 3”, 5” and 7”. +-


Each cavaletti comes with a 36” x 3/4” furniture grade PVC cross bar. List price is for a set of 3 and is determined based on time plus materials each. Minimum purchase is a set of 3.


IMPORTANT: Each cavaletti is HAND MADE. Each piece of wood used is unique. No two are alike. There are sometimes different grain patterns including knots. If exact color shade, texture, and smalls things like this are of concern, we recommend not purchasing. These are a functional tool.


These sell out FAST and we are trying to keep up with production. If unavailable, please add yourself to the notify list.


VERY IMPORTANT: The Dog Agility Shop, LLC and staff members (including the owner) are NOT providing training and/or rehab advice in this ad. We are acting as a manufacturer only. We do not give specific training advice. Nothing in this ad should be considered training or rehab advice. ALWAYS USE UNDER SUPERVISION AND DIRECTION OF A CERTIFIED TRAINER AND CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN BEFORE USE!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Dog Cavalettis or Low Hurdles

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