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Dog agility weave pole guide wires by The Dog Agility Shop are very easy to use and come ready to use (unlike many wires on the market which require assembly of parts).

They easily snap on and off any 3/4" PVC pipe and are made from pure white, cross linked polyethylene. Many wires on the market today are made of black tubing used in irrigation. This type of wire gets very hot in the sun and due to the nature of the material and its intended purpose, sags!


** Please note that the prices here are for the GUIDE WIRES ONLY. The photos are used for illustration and the poles are sold separately.


  • 4 pack—everything you need for 6 weave poles—contains 4 guides ready to use
  • 10 pack—everything you need for 12 weave poles—contains 10 guides ready to use

Weave Pole Guide Wires

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